At Location Of Upcoming Villas

Recent surveys by real estate research firms are revealing the high number of Indians, with high investment capability, are keen on investing in new real estate projects. Especially after the pandemic, many people have realized that living in open spaces gives most benefits. So their interests in gated community villas and farmhouses has increased, and so have investment opportunities like retirement homes, second homes, holiday homes, passive income properties, etc. Let’s take a peek inside an awesome location to own your dream one of these villas in Bangalore.


Residential Villas In Bangalore

Indians have always been fascinated with the dream of owning a house of their own. Since the 80s and 90s, it was in vogue for the super-rich to own an independent villa in scenic locations, especially in urban peripheries. So it was for the financially well off, to spend time in the beautiful locales, bond with nature, recharge your batteries, and have a good time with friends and families. But today, new villas in Bangalore from Vishuddh Properties, come in the affordability range. No more are beautiful villas a status symbol restricted for the Indian high class.

Today’s gated community villas in Bangalore continue to be a party to favorable interest from all South Bangalore families, IT Professionals , Doctors and NRIs. In fact, they have got a shot in the arm. See Vishuddh Prakruthi »

Scenic views and natural greeneries

Amidst the continuing growth of WFH and flexible working culture, people now prefer to work from scenic views and natural greeneries, away from the hustle and bustle of regular city life. Due to hybrid workflows, people can now use their semi urban properties as regular weekend gateways. Interestingly, the category is also seeing promising capital gains and rental incomes, which is further helping the segment thrive. Additionally, the segment is continuing to grow, with many new projects in the pipeline. See the Vishuddh Prakruthi project video below…

Plan Your Home On Kanakapura Road


Once upon a time, Kanakapura road was considered far away from Bangalore, in terms of development index. However, with recent investments in infrastructure has brought attention of property investors in this part of the mega city.

And the property market here has never been this diverse, giving developers the opportunity to appeal to younger investors and second home owners with eco-friendly projects. There are a number of factors that have aided demand growth for Vishuddh Prakruthi, apart from the fact that the properties are still very affordable. To learn more, download the brochure now!

At Vishuddh Properties, we are making it easy to get a new home at some of the best locations in Bangalore. And this will help you save hours going through listings or paperwork. Start finding out how you can make a smart investment by contacting Vishuddh Properties at +91 984 563 5787 or +91 963 294 0135. Along with location, Vishuddh Properties gives importance to Titles, adherence to Govt Norms, best development and specifications in the project. So you are assured of a secure property that can also get you a handsome ROI. 

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