Invest in MRR Nature Cure Hospital: A Lifestyle Revolution

Unveiling Your Wellness Sanctuary

Welcome to MRR Nature Cure Hospital, a beacon of well-being nestled near the enchanting Nandi Hills in Canterbury Orchards Phase 1. Spanning 5 acres, this haven comprises 84 villas, seamlessly blending luxury and health for an unparalleled living experience.

Villa Elegance

Invest in tranquility with our 2-bedroom villas, ensuring comfort for both parents and children. Priced at 70 Lakhs, these residences promise a rental income of Rs. 30k, with a 12% increment every three years, securing your investment for 15 years.
2 BHK Villas for sale near Nandi Hills

Healing Retreat

Embark on a journey to holistic wellness at our state-of-the-art center, featuring a steam, sauna, massage room,in your villa and swimming pool, shirodara, and acupressure in the treatnent centre. Privacy is paramount, with separate floors for men and women during sessions.

Embraced by Nature

Immerse yourself in lush greenery with healing plants like aloe vera, ashwagandha, turmeric, and neem surrounding the facility.

Active Living Oasis

Indulge in an 8 shaped nature walk and discover the dedicated reflexology area, promoting fitness and overall well-being.

Exclusive Investor Privileges

Investors enjoy 10 days of complimentary nature cure treatment in their villa, merging financial gains with personal wellness.