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Investments in real estate

Real estate investing - Is it good?

A group of Doctor Investors have invested in the first floor of 50,000 Sft commercial space at Yelahanka. This investment in real estate is getting them fantastic passive rental income of 4.2 Lakhs per month from the past 3 years, with Tata Westside as tenant. For these Doctors, rental returns started at 4.2 lakhs per month, and it will go up to 8 Lakhs per month in about 12 Years time frame… Most importantly they will see huge property appreciation along with rental returns.

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Commercial Space at Whitefield

Our upcoming commercial space is at Whitefield, which is suitable for Rehab Center / Post operative care, etc. As it has 3 hospitals within 600 metres. A senior manager from Apple, US and a senior manager in Citibank have invested in the second floor at Whitefield commercial space.

Why Invest In Commercial Spaces

2.0 to 2.5 times higher returns

We have come across a Doctor and an IT Industry friend talking about Investing in an apartment for rental income – which could be like 25K per month for 1 Cr investment. This approach of investment in real estate into apartments for rental income is not a good strategy. We are trying to interact and educate NRIs, IT professionals, Doctors and investors that they could get 2.0 to 2.5 times higher rental returns by investing in commercial spaces.
Return on Investment

By investment in Plots

There is a famous Kannada saying as below,

Hennu, Honnu mattu Mannu idu ella runa iddange sigutade.. Namma Kutumba saviraru Janagalige manninna runa vannu purahisade.

Our family has been successful to provide returns of upto 5 times to 50 times to Property investors in last 3 decades.

Vishuddh Properties

Creating excellent returns for investors

“Vishuddh has been successful in creating excellent returns for investors over decades as we follow certain fundamentals very strongly. Our objective is to make the property buyer feel secured, be happy with the property, and get handsome ROI… “

Venkatesh Yadalam, Director


“Location, location and location is our USP. We do lot of groundwork on the location before purchasing the property, and how the property and surroundings would shape up in next 5 years.. Along with location, we give importance to Titles, Adhering to Govt Norms, Developments & Specs in the project.. ” 

S. Divakar, Director