Life In A Gated Community

Poorva and Harish have been living in the city for a decade now. Their residence is located in one of the prime neighborhoods in Bengaluru city, in one of the gated residential complexes. So the couple and their two school going children have been accustomed to the benefits of a safe and secure city life. Poorva too has a good job as a healthcare practitioner, and is attached to one of the leading hospitals in south of the city. While Harish is an IT professional working with an MNC. So you can visualize their life as a picture perfect setting for a nuclear family in the Silicon Valley of India. But since a few years, there was a level of uneasiness brewing in their minds that made them consider investing in an independent second home. Actively searching for new villas in the outskirts of the city, they visited Vishuddh Properties and recently booked one of the new gated community villas.

Why do you think, people like Poorva and Harish, are investing in new, independent houses, in gated environs?

Pros Of Gated Community Villas

Safety and security are a given in any gated residential space. So every society will have secured boundaries and security personnel to monitor the people accessing the area. And new apartment complexes are being developed with emerging concepts in comunity living, with high-end construction, and state of the art infrastructure. A look at the new age flats in Bangalore will illustrate the awesome conceptualisation of space, and execution of architectural designs, the aesthetics, and value for money deliverables. In other words, real estate developers in the city, like Vishuddh Properties, are bringing in the utmost efficiency in the industry. But for some people, independent houses in quiter neighborhoods, have much more to offer.


Living in a villa no longer means living aloof from the city life.

Locations curated by expert real estate developers, with excellent connectivity to the city, today’s custom villas are built by the best teams – So a villa in the outskirts of the busy city offers that much desirable space, as a personal sanctuary to rejuvenate and relax.


A working property that keeps enhancing your portfolio.

Many of you might not have any challenges like Poorva and Harish. Yet, you must conside this investment option. For an investment in a gated community villa today offers much more than a second home.

Like at Vishuddh Properties, the villas in Canterbury Hillview come with assured rentals. That adds to your ineome, in addition to the excellent appreciation in your property value over the years.


3 More benefits of living in a gated community villa.

  • Today, independent houses in gated settings usually have better property value than the ones that aren’t gated.
  • Niche projects offer a resort like lifestyle with clubhouse membership, swimming pool, recreational spaces and more.
  • Offer eco-friendly living standards, aided by latest technologies to conserve water – electricity, amidst a life in abundant greenery.

Looking for villa properties at excellent locations?

Vishuddh Properties offers the best real estate investment opportunities in gated communities, commercial spaces and residential buildings. So if you are looking for a great location that will shape up into an awesome asset in the coming years, contact +91 984 563 5787 – +91 963 294 0135 for a discussion.

Along with location, Vishuddh Properties gives importance to Titles, adherence to Govt Norms, best development and specifications in the project. So you are assured of a secure property that can also get you a handsome ROI.