Top Lookouts For Profitable Rental Properties

When it comes to the best city in India for rental income, it’s Bangalore that features in the top 10. Considering all the important factors linked to this real estate investment sector, this city holds immense potential. And if experts from the real estate industry are referred to, then attractive rental properties are not only catering to Bangalore’s burgeoning housing challenges, but also the demand for staycation properties or holiday homes. However, when it comes to actually investing in a residential or commercial property that will actually generate good rental income – people often face this question – where is the best real estate to invest. Particularly in the past few “pandemic hit” years, real estate investors have been challenged by low rental income and poor appreciation. So if you are looking for the best rental income properties in Bangalore, here is one awesome project.

But things have already started looking up. Rental yields have started to improve in Bangalore as is the case in other leading cities of India like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ghaziabad, and Ahmedabad. And with latest news coming in that, the government plans to revise guidance value, i.e. the minimum selling price of a property, it will have a cascading effect on stamp duties, registration fees, property taxes, and planning fees. This should be good reason to cheer for property investors in the coming year.

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Venkatesh Yadalam, Director, Vishuddh Properties

Top Lookouts For Rental Income Properties In Bangalore

The garden city has been witnessing heightened employment opportunities since many many years. This is an emerging phenomena in the urban areas as well as around the peripheries of the city. Thus leading to a surge in residential properties in Bangalore. Given the fast-paced developments of the recent years, Bangalore has also become one of the most premium markets in India and offers remarkably high rental yields. Hence Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and investors from across India are flocking to Bangalore to generate maximum rental income from real estate. Take a look at the top 10 things you should consider when searching for the best rental income properties in Bangalore.

1. Location

The location of the project will determine the types of tenants you will get. And depending on the vacancy rates in the neighborhood, you can estimate the rental income. Like if you buy an apartment in Bangalore near a popular eatery, chances are that working families will be your tenants.

2. Amenities

Take a tour of the areas nearby. Are there any points of natural beauty, parks, restaurants, public transit points in the close vicinity? What kind of amenities does your residential property offer? Are there good schools and markets around, specially if you are investing in family-sized homes.

3. Return On Investment

If you are investing in a villa property, you can expect higher returns on your investment as the plot price will increase in some years time. You can also enjoy capital gains benefit. Canterbury Hillview project offers assured rent of INR 23,333 / month for 3 years and will be managed by TripVillas.

4. Average Rent

Passive rental income will depend on the area’s average rent. It is important that you ensure you get enough rent to cover property maintenance and loan costs. By doing a research of rental yield of the past five years for a given area, you can estimate how affordable the property is for your budget.


Affordable single-family dwellings In Malleshwaram

If you are looking for affordability and low maintenance properties, apartments in Bangalore are best suited for your goals. Although they may garner lower rents and appreciate more slowly than independent villa homes, they will attract long term contracts.

Like owning a flat in SLNS Hermos in Malleshwaram. Where demand for apartments is intense and many are looking at this residential neighborhood for good passive rental income.

What type of rental property Be most profitable?

Abovementioned new residential properties in Bangalore can offer you the most profitable investments. They have been developed to help investors like yourself a monthly positive cash flow and along with an ROI of at least 6-8%. However, you may also look at commercial real estate property, depending on your investment goals.

Find out what type of rental property can be most profitable for you by contacting Vishuddh Properties at +91 984 563 5787 or +91 963 294 0135.

Along with location, Vishuddh Properties gives importance to Titles, adherence to Govt Norms, best development and specifications in the project.

So you are assured of a secure property that can also get you a handsome ROI. 

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