Your Next Big House For Holiday

As 2021’ers, there are many contradictions in our lives. We’ve always wanted to live the “perfect” life but the truth is, life is full of many different ambitions. This can cause us to go into debt, or spend money on things that don’t seem worthwhile. Thus necessitating the need to become financially independent by prudently investing in our future. Here, taking advantage of the the internet, and real estate apps like can help. As you can now grow your income from holiday homes and at the same time enjoy your villa house for holiday.

Why Think Of Own House For Holiday.

Investing in a property is one of the best ways to grow your money. You can rent it out as a source of income, or you can use it as an investment property for resale. At Canterbury Hillview, this is exactly the opportunity to invest in real estate that will generate passive income over time. When you’re not using the property, other people are able to pay you for its usage. This means that your investment actually does not require much work on your part and its return comes from how much other people value it and how many people want to use it.

Similar to what we see on TV or in movies, many families are enjoying such trappings of success. A big house on the outskirts of the city, for unhindered rejuvenation and break-out from routine, is today very much in demand. And affordable too. See pricing below.


So if you are wanting financial independence in the future, without sacrificing your lifestyle; if you are wanting to work hard but not at any cost; and wanting a luxurious lifestyle, investing in holiday home can be a good idea.

Think Of Passive Rental Income

We know that one of the most important elements in life is owning your own home and property. Imagine owning your own villa in the Bangalore! It’s possible and we’re here to tell you how and why it’s worth buying a villa.

Holidaying in your own villa, taking your family for a villa vacation every month, can be like having those big moments in life at regular frequencies. Thanks in part to the mantra of social distancing that’s stemmed from the pandemic, this can be a huge stress buster too. And if you own a business, this can be a great place to work from home, or for team-building exercises.

With the staycation market likely to continue, holiday homes represent a good investment opportunity. As more families are wanting to enjoy short getaways during their downtime on weekends, and some even on weekdays. And holiday homes near Nandi Hills, at Canterbury Hillview, that are fully managed by TripVillas can offer much more than traditional resorts. High quality housekeeping, comfortable linen and toiletries, quality furniture & fittings, and food delivery from a central restaurant… in addition to the complete privacy in a gated community villa setup.

house for holiday
Short-term holiday home rental income can be more lucrative compared to long-term rentals

Is it worth buying a holiday home?

Look at the potential yields, if you are looking at spreading your investment portfolio, the holiday home market should provide a realistic long-term advantage. As a second-home owner, you will not only be able to take advantage of the staycation demand to secure additional income but also the low entry cost and high appreciation at Canterbury Hillview.

Find out how buying a villa can be a smart investment by contacting Vishuddh Properties at +91 984 563 5787 or +91 963 294 0135. Along with location, Vishuddh Properties gives importance to Titles, adherence to Govt Norms, best development and specifications in the project. So you are assured of a secure property that can also get you a handsome ROI. 

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