5 Essential Documents to look out for while buying a property

When it comes to buying property in India, there are several important documents you need to be aware of. These documents help ensure that the property you’re buying is free of any legal issues or disputes, and that you’ll be able to enjoy your investment for years to come. Here are four essential documents you should always ask for when buying property in India:

Encumbrance Certificate: 

This document is issued by the local sub-registrar’s office and provides information on any mortgages or other charges against the property. It confirms that the property is free from any legal encumbrances.

Mutation Register:

 This is a document maintained by the local municipal authority that shows the transfer of ownership of a property from one person to another. It’s essential for ensuring that the property’s title is clear.

RTC (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops): 

This document is issued by the local revenue department and provides information on the property’s ownership, land use, and any crops or tenancy agreements related to the property.

Survey Document

This document provides information on the property’s boundaries, location, and other important details. It’s important for verifying the property’s location and ensuring that it matches the details provided by the seller.

Conversion Certificate : 

This Document is required if the property was originally agricultural land that has been converted for residential or commercial use. It certifies that the land has been legally converted and is now designated as non-agricultural land. Without this certificate, you risk running into legal issues with the local authorities, and your property investment could be at risk.

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