India’s real estate sector is witnessing an uptick in the residential housing segment. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the sector has regained momentum despite of resurgent waves. And there are many reasons, one of them could be the demand for independent second homes set amidst nature, and close to the city. While one other reason could be compared to the earn-while-you-learn opportunities in the field of education. In real estate sector, there is the earn-while-you-reap capital growth opportunity, and that is not going anywhere soon. Yes, this realty firm is offering a very lucrative and interesting real estate investment opportunity for people looking for new house for sale in Bangalore. And this add many steps further in any investor’s portfolio, wherein they can get their monies to work harder than many other investment options.

Independent House For Sale In Bangalore

Vishuddh Properties originated from a family of real estate developers with over 3+ decades of experience. And it is developing new villa houses in Nandi Hills and Kanakpura for investors looking at a second home or passive rental income schemes. The firm also has many other development projects that includes vast tracts for land development, apartments projects in the heart of Bangalore, and commercial spaces in leading hotspots across the city.

What makes the villa house projects stand apart from other similar projects in the city are the locations and the smart return on investment they offer. So these projects not only earn them handsome passive income from their investment but also hold the potential to appreciate in 2 – 3 years time.

Mr. Y. A. Venkatesh, director at Vishuddh Properties, shares how their families have been successful to provide returns of up to 5 times to 50 times to property investors in last 3 decades. And here is one famous Kannada saying :

Hennu, Honnu mattu Mannu idu ella runa iddange sigutade.. Namma Kutumba saviraru Janagalige manninna runa vannu purahisade.

From an investor’s perspective, how Vishuddh’s projects are adding real value all their clients.

Villas, Plots, Independent Houses

So if you are looking for a well designed, spacious 1BHK or 3BHK independent house in Bangalore, check out the new properties at Canterbury Hillview and Vishuddh Prakruthi. Located in prominent neighborhoods and close to the city, these projects are fast catching up with investors. Feel free to call for further information and inspection.

Download the brochure to see villa pricing, floor plans, visuals of amenities, architectural view of layout and more.  


Bigger Is Better

As the momentum for residential spaces increases, prospective homebuyers are seen to be increasingly looking for bigger homes with better amenities and closer to nature. And today with rental yield closing in on the FD rates, buyers are becoming increasingly keen make a property investment. Then again, urban families have a new requirement to fulfill – that a multifunctional home – catering to work from home requirements for all the members. With interest rates too at all time lows, today has become the new “time” to buy a new house.

What is your plan?

At Vishuddh Properties, we are making it easy to get a new home at some of the best locations in Bangalore. And this will help you save hours going through listings or paperwork. Start finding out how you can make a smart investment by contacting Vishuddh Properties at +91 984 563 5787 or +91 963 294 0135. Along with location, Vishuddh Properties gives importance to Titles, adherence to Govt Norms, best development and specifications in the project. So you are assured of a secure property that can also get you a handsome ROI. 

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